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“Welcome to Manitoba!
What a pleasure to welcome you here.”

Unforgettable experiences await. With the largest French-speaking community in Western Canada, you will be greeted with a lovely “Bonjour!” during your stay. Need travel inspiration? Bonjour Manitoba will help you discover the hidden gems of the Francophone and Métis communities in Manitoba.

Upcoming Festivals and Events

Find out what upcoming events and festivals are taking place in Manitoba.

June 6


August 29
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Jeudis Franco Thursdays in St. Boniface
June 8


June 9
Festival du patrimoine Montcalm 2
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Montcalm Heritage Festival

Need inspiration?

Manitoba is full of great sights, sounds, and flavours. Discover them now!

Festival des Sucres 2
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Sugaring Off Festival
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Maplewood Golf Club
La Broquerie (2)
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La Broquerie Golf
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St. Georges Beach
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St. Adolphe Friendship Trail
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Ste. Anne Markets

Explore the beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture and warm welcome of Manitoba’s Francophone and Métis communities.