Métis Experiences

A trip to Manitoba isn’t complete without experiencing the province's unique cultural history. Through a variety of tours and programs, learn about Métis people, their customs and traditions.
St Pierre Jolys 18
Rat River Métis Guided Tour
Manitoba's Métis are an important part of the social and cultural fabric of this province. Visitors at the St. Pierre-Jolys Museum will gain a unique understanding of the Métis of the Rat River region: how they lived, earned their living, and grew their families. Expect to learn how to cook traditional dishes and come learn the stories of local heritage. Through interactive activities you will be able to gain a better appreciation of those who have followed and used the Crow Wing Trail as a way to connect to the surrounding landscapes. Your tour will begin with a Métis culinary experience, followed by an interpretive tour that will conclude with each guest tasting their culinary masterpiece. Learn more: https://museestpierrejolys.ca/en/homepage/
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Beading Workshops with Borealis Beading
Borealis Beading (Mélanie Gamache) offers hands-on creative learning experiences where participants learn the art of beading, finger weaving or quilting, as well as the cultural and historical significance to the Métis people. Métis experiences are offered in a style reflecting the traditional format of the beading circle where friends and family would gather to share stories and talk about their day while conveying the traditional art of beading.
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nous knowledge, their hope is to help you change the way you experience the world. Sayzoons' mission is to connect people back to the nature we belong to. Through Recreation and experiential tourism using traditional Indigenous Knowledge their hope is to help shift the way you experience the world.
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Festival du Voyageur
Every winter since 1970, Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg's French quarter, is transformed into a winter paradise and becomes host to the largest winter festival in Western Canada. Voyageur, Métis and First Nations histories are brought back to life, not only through the historical interpretation offered inside reconstructed Fort Gibraltar, but also through the many attractions inside Voyageur Park and at the festival's various official sites. Music of old, traditional cuisine, sensational snow sculptures and captivating shows are but a few examples of the entertainment you can expect to witness during this convivial gathering. Offering a vast array of historical, recreational and educational activities, Festival du Voyageur has something for all tastes and all ages! Learn more: https://heho.ca/en/
Métis, Women and Nature's Edge Water

Get a glimpse of Métis culture on this 3-hour tour in St-Malo, Manitoba. This SUP experience is open to paddlers of all cultures and backgrounds and is led by Nature's Edge Tourism owner Lesley Gaudry, a Métis paddler herself. Learn about the historical relationship of women and water and their role as protectors of water as well as the importance of water in Métis culture.

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