About us

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Bonjour Manitoba is the brand of the tourism sector at Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM). This brand showcases Manitoba’s rural bilingual municipalities and their tourism products – unique experiences reflecting the distinctive heritage of Francophones and Métis in Manitoba.
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CDEM’s Tourism Sector

The tourism sector of CDEM is involved in several regional, provincial and/or federal projects to continue to support and encourage the development of bilingual tourism products and services existing in Manitoba. It provides support services to bilingual entrepreneurs and communities within the province. The tourism sector promotes tourism as an economic vector and is part of RDÉE Canada’s pan-Canadian francophone tourism strategy, Salut Canada. The four pillars of CDEM Tourism are:
  • Product and Destination Development
  • Marketing and Content Creation
  • Training and Expert Advice
  • Positioning and Strategy
To learn more about CDEM, visit our website.