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Hidden Gems

Now is the time to explore our beautiful province and discover some places that you didn't even know existed. Get off the beaten track, you will be amazed by the magic of Manitoba!
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Winnipeg River Heritage Museum  in St. Georges
The new Winnipeg River Heritage Museum is built along the river on land bequeathed by one of the first Quebec homesteaders to settle in the region. It is home to family memorabilia and community-specific stories. Despite the fire that ravaged many of its artifacts in 2014, several objects have been preserved and allow you to learn more about the history of the region through photos and exhibitions.
st laurent beaches
St. Laurent Beaches
Many hidden gems are around St. Laurent. The Twin Lakes Sandpiper, Laurentia and Meindl beaches are beautiful and among the most preserved in the province. The bathing is pleasant, the sand soft and abundant, and the sunsets are spectacular. For windsurfers, Twin Lakes Beach is the ideal place.
Surfside Beach Campground
Surfside Beach, Saint-Ambroise 
Surfside Beach has all the ingredients to please the whole family. Its unique location between Lake Manitoba and marshy terrain makes the park a favourite spot for birdwatchers in the province. Its shallow and idyllic waters invite you to relax, swim and even windsurfing. In the summer, live performances are offered and there is a liquor-licensed kiosk located on the beach.
Wild Skies 09
Wild Skies Resort 
Located in River Hills, about an hour from Winnipeg, this vacation spot offers a glamping experience unique to Manitoba. With its three types of accommodation, two large tents, three domes and a fully landscaped chalet for up to eight people, Wild Skies Resort is accessible to all types of adventurers.
Harness Adventure Mushing  
An unforgettable dog sledding experience awaits you in Richer, approximately 30 minutes east of Winnipeg. Dog hiking packages harnessed on the snowy trails of a beautiful 75-acre property are offered. A route of more than 3 km by sleigh in the middle of a forest of jackpines will make you live unique sensations. A magical experience to live at least once in your life!

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