Borealis Beading

Borealis Beading is owned and operated by Melanie Gamache, a French Métis artisan. Melanie has grown Borealis Beading from creating her own beading pieces to organizing and hosting Métis cultural learning experiences and carrying the basic beading supplies needed to get you started on your beading journey.

Borealis Beading offers creative, hands-on learning experiences where participants learn the art and techniques of beading, finger weaving or quilting, and their cultural and historical significance to the Métis people, also known as the “Flower Beading People.” Métis cultural learning experiences are offered in a style that reflects the traditional beading circle format where friends and family meet to share stories and talk about their day while passing on the traditional art of beading.

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38073 Mun 49N
Ste Genevieve, Manitoba,
MB   R5H 1R

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