Poutine Trail

Calling all poutine lovers (and there are many of you out there). Manitoba’s bilingual communities serve up the best poutine you’ve ever seen. That’s right, they are a feast for these eyes as well as the palate. You can’t call yourself a true poutine connoisseur until you’ve tried them all.

Perogie Poutine

Home cut fries topped with perogies, choice of bacon or farmer sausage, garnished with green onions, sour cream and delicious gravy.

Chicken Chef, Lorette. Find this location in Google maps.

Old No.12 Breakfast Poutine

Grilled baked potato chunks topped with fried onions, bacon bits, cheese curds and gravy.

Old No. 12 Café and Lounge, Sainte-Anne. Find this location in Google maps.

La Beau-tine

Homemade fries with seasoned hamburger, mushrooms, cheese curds smothered with our homestyle gravy garnished with green onions and bacon bits. Served with eggs any style.

TTi-Beauville, Richer. Find this location in Google maps.

Savoury Steak Fajita Poutine

Homemade fries layered with soft sliced steak, fried onions, peppers and mushrooms all delicately flavored with HP sauce and fajita seasoning. Bothwell mozza & white cheese curds top it off as well as thick gravy and creamy homemade garlic mayo.

Marchand Inn, Marchand. Find this location in Google maps.

Lucky Luc Burger Poutine

Hand cut shoestring french fries topped with ground beef cheese curds and cheddar cheese, smothered in a bourbon BBQ gravy and garnished with crisp bacon and onion tanglers.

Lucky Luc’s Bar & Grill, Sainte-Agathe. Find this location in Google maps.

Tourtière Poutine

Hand cut double fried pommes frites topped with fresh cheese curds, savory tourtière filling, poutine gravy, a little touch of pastry crumbs, a spicy ketchup aioli and sliced green onions.

Lucky Luc’s Bar & Grill, Saint-Pierre-Jolys. Find this location in Google maps.

Ginormous Poutine

Three pounds of fries, 2 pounds of meat, shredded cheese, cheese curds and gravy.

TaLL Boys Grill & Pub, Saint-Claude. Find this location in Google maps.

Poutine challenge: clean off your plate in 30 minutes or less and it’s free!

La Brewtine Montréal

Crisp fries loaded with Bothwell cheese curds, smothered in Fort Garry Rouge gravy, topped with thinly sliced Montreal smoked meat, Smak Dab mustard, chipotle mustard drizzle and served with a pickle.

Nobside Café, Saint-Norbert. Find this location in Google maps.

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Various locations
Lorette,Richer,Marchand, sainte-Agathe,Saint-Claude,
Varied hours. French spoken on request

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