Winnipeg may be the proud culinary capital of Canada and boast the highest number of restaurants per capita of all North American cities, but French-speaking Manitoba serves up its own brand of joie de vivre. The best way to experience it is to bask in the warm hospitality and poignant history of Manitoba's Francophones. 


St. Norbert Farmers' Market

Manitoba's largest open air market!

Poutine Trail

Calling all poutine lovers (and there are many of you out there). Manitoba's bilingual communities serve up the best poutine you've ever seen. That's right, they are a feast for these eyes as well as the palate. You can't call yourself a true poutine connoisseur until you've tried them all. 

Chef At Home

A Franco-foodie kitchen party!


Rural Manitoba's Take on a Tasty Treat

Poutine Trail

Manitoba's bilingual communities serve poutines that are as tasty as they are original. Try them out along the Poutine Trail and discover the French flavour of the region!

A memorable dining experience

La Liberté

An iconic site from the fur trading era, Fort Gibraltar is now open for special, private events, in collaboration with the Gibraltar Dining Corporation, the Fort's exclusive caterers.