Local Culinary Experience at Prairie Berry

Bonjour Manitoba

Prairie Berry, a farm located in Glenlea, is gearing up to offer visitors a unique tourism experience in July: a culinary Manitoba adventure.

Owners Jennifer and Matthieu Turenne worked with the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Communities (CDEM) to develop a new concept on their farm this summer: culinary tourism.

“It was CDEM that approached us with the idea and we immediately liked it. We quickly got to work with them to see how we could develop it further,” says Jennifer.

“With COVID-19, people can’t travel this summer, so they’re looking for different things to do close to home. They want to explore or rediscover their province. They’re looking for new and unique experiences. That’s what we wanted to give them.”

The new Farm to Table dining experience will run from July 9 to 19. It’s essentially a gourmet dinner. Visitors will be able to choose from three renowned local chefs: Luc Jean, from WOW Hospitality Concepts, Josée Curé, a chef based in St-Pierre-Jolys, or Tyrone Welchinski, chef at the Nonsuch brewery and one of the chefs at the RAW:Almond winter pop-up restaurant at The Forks. (1)

Visitors will also be able to choose their meat, as well as the size of their meal: three, four or seven courses.

“All the dishes prepared by the chefs, fromappetizers to desserts, willhave a strawberry component because that’s our specialty here at Prairie Berry,” adds Jennifer.“That’s why we’re offering the experience in July: because it’s strawberry season!”

“Guests will start with a glass of our special Prairie Berry Slush, made from our own strawberries, before heading to the table for dinner.”

Apart from strawberries, “there’s no preconceived menu. Each chef will work with fruits and vegetables that are in season. Everything will be local. Even the meat will be from Manitoba.And the meal will be served directly in the heart of our strawberry fields, or under the gazebo in case of bad weather”.

Jennifer also emphasizes the Francophone advantage of the Farm to Table experience.“It’ll be a truly unique experience, and available in French. In fact, two of our three chefs and all our waiters, as well as Matthew and I, are bilingual.”

“Every summer, many Francophones like to come here to pick strawberries, so it was very important for us to offer the experience in French.”

In addition, the farm known as Manitoba’s premier strawberry picking location and the recipient of the 2018 Manitoba’s most beautiful farm award will continue to welcome pickers throughout the summer, but only by appointment, to better ensure physical distancing measures. (2)

(1) The chefs will not be present on the same dates. To find out when your favourite chef is cooking or for any other information, visit Prairie Berry’s Facebook or Instagram page: @prairieberrymb. Places are limited to about 30 people per night to make sure that physical distancing rules are followed. Reservations are strongly recommended.

(2) By telephone at 204-226-PICK (7425) or at www.prairie-berry.com

CDEM's Bonjour Manitoba team was able to support this project with funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada and Travel Manitoba.


Photo: Marta Guerrero