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The Joy of Cycling … for Every Body | Your Full-Service Mobile Bike Shop

Welcome to Prairie Vélo, Winnipeg’s first mobile full service bike shop. Our specialty is electric bikes (e-bikes) that will boost your riding experience after this unexpected long period of confinement. Prairie Vélo is looking forward to helping you rediscover the joy of cycling when we can safely enjoy the outdoors again. See our e-bikes and other great products online.

Our Canadian e-bikes come in all shapes, sizes and weight capacities. Our goal is to get Every Body riding a bike. We carry: Envo, Brodie, medical-grade bike saddles, GPS trackers. We are a mobile shop that makes deliveries.

Why We Ride

Finding the road less traveled has been at the core of our adventurous spirit for over thirty years.

Starting with nothing more than a paper map, a well-used road bike and a sandwich, we began exploring the backroads of Manitoba, then Belgium, Holland and France. Awe inspiring, indeed. But there was a longing for a return to the Canadian Prairies.

We’ve explored the backroads of South Dakota, Quebec’s Route Verte, the Confederation Trail in P.E.I and the great Canadian Rockies, but a return to the Prairies reminded us that we have an adventure paradise right here, in Manitoba’s wide open spaces and seemingly endless roads.

Prairie Velo was created as a partnership with Bonjour Manitoba to explore “off the beaten path” cyclotourism. We quickly evolved into Manitoba’s only electric-assist bike (“e-bike”) full service shop. Why? Because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy cycle tourism regardless of age, shape and ability. A bum knee or a bad back shouldn’t prevent anyone from  experiencing the simple joy of riding a bike.

Our Location

Prairie Velo was created to be accessible to all both for our tours as well as our e-bike sales. Because of that we decided to not have a storefront. We are mobile. We come to you. With our showroom on wheels, we can fit, order, even assemble onsite. Plus we can work around your schedule. We are focused on a true “try before you buy” experience.

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