Parks, trails and beaches

Set off for adventure! Breathe the fresh air and explore the spectacular wildlife and natural attractions of Manitoba. There are more than 650,000 kilometers to explore, and more than 150 parks and 100,000 lakes to discover. Camp at St. Malo Provincial Park, fish on the edge of Lake Manitoba in St. Laurent, admire the Red River Valley's farmlands and the patchwork fields. Winter or summer, there is always plenty to do - where to start is up to you!


Crow Wing Trail

The Crow Wing Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail. It was used for the fur trade in the 1800's. Today connects communities using country roads, community parks, bush and pasture trails.

St. Malo Provincial Park

Saint-Malo Provincial Park, south of Winnipeg, has everything you need to experience your most memorable summer days. And if cross-country skiing is your thing, look no further.


Connecting the Crow Wing Trail to Santiago

Bonjour Manitoba

All Roads Lead to... Santiago de Compostela! Manitoba's Crow Wing Trail / Chemin Saint-Paul runs 193 km between Winnipeg and Emerson. 

A place of leisure and learning

La Liberté

At Fort Gibraltar, fun and historical discover go hand in hand, year-round.